Stephen J. Semones
Stephen Semones
Born Stephen J. Semones
Residence Bristol, Tennessee
Occupation Writer
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Stephen J. Semones is a filmmaker, journalist, writer, and the founder of Sir Reel Films. After retiring from sixteen years of filmmaking to focus on his writing career and his candid how-to filmmaking book Beyond the Lens: A Beginner's Guide to Filmmaking hitting the bestseller list five times, Stephen concentrated on writing fiction and received praise for his superhero novel series Gloom. Other works include three short stories to the horror and science fiction compilation Timeless Requiem from Millenia Press and short stories for the Coscom Entertainment Metahuman anthologies, a ritically acclaimed horror novels, The Sacrifice of Candace Blake and Unhinged. Stephen also co-hosts a horror-themed podcast, MORTIS.

Stephen currently lives in Bristol, Tennesse with his wife and three children.

Stephen was interviewed by Shawn Earls, a member of the Renegade Faction, on his miniseries Great Chaos Interviews.

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