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The Renegade Media Group is a reaction and discussion channel slowly rising in popularity of YouTube. It is owned and ran by filmmaker and musician Nate Hamilton. Its mean series is Renegades React, in which Nate is joined by some of his friends in the Renegade Faction, which normally includes him, Ben Tolliver and Micah Salyer, and they are occasionally joined by Caleb Salyer, Windham Ryce (a.k.a. ThatFilthyCasual), Bo Ganzman, newcomers Elaina Campbell and Cole (aka ZenSpaz) and Nate's mother. Ben also occasionally livestreams gaming.

On their second channel, Renegade Faction, where the post most of their gaming content, as well as other series like Renegades Rant, Renegades Assemble, and Renegade Roadventure. Older series on their main channel include Great Chaos Interviews, Short Reviews, and Renegade Video Podcasts.

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