Nathaniel Jacob Hamilton
Nickname(s) Renegade Bull
Born Nathaniel Jacob Hamilton
June 12, 1988 (age 30)
Wise, Virginia
Residence Bristol, Virginia
Nationality American
Occupation Internet personality
Musician, actor
Years active 2014 - Present
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"My name is Nathaniel Jacob Hamilton, but you can call me Nate. I am a Filmmaker, Musician, and Actor originally from Wise, Virginia. For now Bristol, Virginia is where I call home... I know, not much of a geographical change, but hey, It's Something. I have been a fan of film all of my life and now after getting a lot of personal baggage behind me I am deciding to take it more serious. If you are still reading this far... Thank You, and thank you for taking some time outta your day to check us out."
— Nate's memoir on his website.

Nathaniel Jacob "Nate" Hamilton, formerly calling himself Renegade Bull, is an American YouTuber and channel manager of the YouTube channels Renegade Media Group and Renegade Faction. He runs both channels and has appeared in every video of Renegades React since its first episode.

Nate was originally born in Wise, Virginia, and eventually moved to Bristol.

Trivia Edit

  • Nathan has said on camera that if George Carlon came back from the grave, he would laugh at him. (Source Needed)
  • Nate used to do music under a rap name "Natey-J". (Source Needed)
  • Nate played high school football under the nickname "Hambone", a name his dad had given him with pride, until an upperclassman decided to manipulate its meaning. (Source Needed)
  • The others sometimes refer to him as "Nakatomi Nate", a reference to Die Hard, as Nate once pushed a bully down a flight of stairs when he was in high school. (Source Needed)
  • At one point, a woman in Nate's theater class got the better of his temper with insults; one foul word on his part later, she smacked him with a cane so hard it went flying. (Source Needed)
  • Recently, Nate has taken to filming solo reactions to content that he feels the group would not enjoy.
  • Nate has Native American ancestry on his mother's side. [1]
  • The Renegades received their Silver Play Button on January 30, 2018.

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