Larry Mainland
Larry Mainland
Born Charleston, South Carolina
Residence Duluth, Georgia
Nationality American
Occupation Actor
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Larry Mainland is a retired and part-time actor and stuntman. He lives in Georgia with his wife and teenage son. He also has another son and daughter in their 30’s and 7 grandchildren.

After his younger son recovered from a brain tumor, a friend suggested he apply to become one of the zombies for a then-new series on AMC called The Walking Dead. After submitting his resume, he got a call back minutes later and has "the look" they were after. Larry was featured in plenty of promotional material.

Since The Walking Dead, Larry has gone on to star in numerous TV and major film productions, such as Goosebumps, Sick People, Contagion, Level Up, The Three Stooges, Home and Lawless. In all roles, Larry was cast as an extra, but also was a stuntman in The Three Stooges.

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Larry was briefly interviewed by Shawn Earls at a convention on his miniseries Great Chaos Interviews.

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